power of sports

To shape the future
of children

About us

Three lifelong friends, a mutual passion for sports, the desire to support underprivileged children, and some life experiences later are the simple ingredients that brought the POS charity project together.

Dieter - Myunkoo - Stijn

Empowering children through sports

With a humble approach, our mission is to promote and increase access to sport for children in need.

We are aware of the magnitude of hunger and suffering around the world, but we aim to make a difference in our own way.

We believe that organized sports can help the youth develop good mental and physical skills, healthy habits, discipline, a sense of integration and of overcoming any obstacle on their way to success.

Sports have a life-changing impact on individuals with psychological benefits for children and adolescents, therefore we could not find a better way to share our enthusiasm and give small humans a better life.

All activities developed by POS will concentrate exclusively on sport-related projects around the world.

100% of donations go to charitable projects.

Spread happiness through sport for everyone
Provide a carefree time with many happy memories
Creating a better world for children