What & how

The main purpose of POS is to use the "Power of Sport" to help children have a better life. This can be done through the integration of sport in their daily activities.


The charitable projects selected by POS are directly connected in one way or another with one of the founders of the foundation. Either we know the people personally or we have someone on the ground to inform, assist, or supervise them.

All projects are solely sport-related and we support with logistics, equipment, coaching, transportation, infrastructure or overhead costs. Additionally, we coordinate and organize private sports events to sponsor the projects we support.


To POS, transparency is vital. We have a model that makes sure that 100% of every donation goes directly to a particular project. We don't transfer money to projects unless we have a clear budget. Our local interlocutor will check and support the execution. At the end of each year, we will review progress and determine the plan for next year.

In our business model the main fixed costs are covered by 3 partners who are donating their services to the foundation:

At the same time, we created a sports clothing collection to promote the charitable project and give people the opportunity to be part of our community.
Your purchase will help the foundation maintain its commitment, where 100% of donations go to charitable projects. To enhance trust and transparency, we will publish an annual report of each fiscal year on our website.