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After the great results of last year we prolonged the support for this fantastic project. This small charitable organization in Bali deserves our attention and support.


The Bali Life Foundation inspired us through their daily work which has a big impact on their community. In a fantastic and safe environment, they provide a home, education and sports facilities to children through their street program.

We share the same vision as the Bali Life Foundation, and as a result POS supports children's sport goals in Bali. They use sport as a real asset, and we want to give them the possibility to develop that further.

Since they open up their facilities to everybody, the overall cost is high. The POS charitable project involves more than 40 equipment, training and tournament expenses for children. We want to support them to continue their mission.


The budget for this project is 5.000 EUR (40 children  x 125 EUR)


Do you want to help? Donate or contact POS to connect this project to your sports challenge.


BE85 7330 7153 5106

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