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Children are resilient and look forward to challenges. But sometimes, they can't do it alone. We want to support them and thereby restore (or boost) their self-confidence.

We do this by encouraging them to be physically active because exercise is beneficial, especially when health is compromised. Physical activity and sports are crucial aspects of their development into adulthood. However, a (chronic) illness can create barriers for children and adolescents to engage in individual sports or join a sports club. With this unique project, we aim to eliminate these barriers under professional medical supervision and with the guidance of a sports expert.

(All participants undergo medical screening and receive a customized training schedule. Throughout the entire process, the physical progress of each participant is tracked using a sports diary. Based on all measured parameters, adjustments will be made if necessary. Training sessions will be conducted both in groups and with individual coaching. The goal is to ignite their enjoyment of sports and physical activity while also allowing them to achieve a real challenge (triathlon). This will improve their self-image and, most importantly, their self-confidence.)

It is a very admirable project that, due to its scale, requires a significant budget.

We would like to contribute and will raise the budget for all materials.

The budget for this project is 10.000 EUR


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